Treats and Finishers


    Pepsi, Pink Lemonade and More .99

  • And remember, refills are on the house!
  • Sierra Sunrise 1.29

  • A secret recipe, with a maraschino cherry.
  • Our Oreo®
  • Chunky Cookie 2.99

  • Chocolatey, with Oreo®
  • crumbs everywhere!
  • Strawberry Field’s Creamy Cooler 2.99

  • So thick and creamy, you’ll need a spoon.
  • Double Trouble Chocolate Shake 2.99

  • Twice the chocolate, twice the taste

Sangies and More (Ages 10 and under)


Park Avenue Junior Burger 4.99

    • USDA Choice. Medium or well done only.

Mac’n Cheese 3.99

    • With lotsa’ golden cheddar cheese.

Golden-Fried Chicken Tenders 4.99

    • Golden and crisp. With mild BBQ sauce.

Steve’s Dakota Fish and Chips 4.99

    • Golden-fried whitefish with tartar sauce.

All-Beef Hot Dog 3.99

  • Our 1/4-pound hot dog on a toasted bun